Pneumatic Nail Guns Benefits

pneumatic nail guns benefits

Pneumatic Nail Guns Benefits

Pneumatic nail guns have proven to be very popular with contractors as well as homeowners. They have developed a good reputation for saving time and effort on many jobs. They are classed as a workhorse on a site through being able to be used reliably for long periods. We have examined some of the benefits of pneumatic nail guns below:

Rapid set-up

Unlike non pneumatic types of nail guns that can take some time to get set up and running, these pneumatic types are manufactured for people who need to get working quickly but still need quality work. One of the benefits of these pneumatic nail guns is that getting set up is much quicker. It allows contractors to get working more quickly and reduce the setting up period. The benefits pneumatic nail guns bring you give you more time and a higher quality of work.

Less costly

The majority of pneumatic nail guns don’t need hoses and compressors. The benefits of this are reduced cost compared to the ones needing separate compressors. So with most you don’t need to invest in further equipment other than the machine itself and the nails.

Space saving

Pneumatic nail guns are usually quite small and compact. This is important to save storage space and helps reduce the weight you’re carrying and holding in use bringing benefits of more portability.

Reduced gun slip

There are many different features on pneumatic nail guns. One is a pointed head to reduce gun slip. This means you will not lose nails carelessly.

Easy Servicing

The machines are easily maintained, requiring less than 8 minutes at the end of the day  to clean your nail gun. There is a trend now though for machines coming on to the market which are self-cleaning. This saves even more time and means a more reliable machine.


Pneumatic nail guns give the power and strength to drive nails into many different materials. You are able to drive nails into hardwoods with ease. Additionally these nailers require much less power than most machines. As an example a single power-up can drive on average around 4,000 nails before it slows down.

Easy handling

The majority of pneumatic nail guns have a rubberized grip. This prevents the hands from moving while nailing. Your hands can otherwise easily move due to the heat and sweat produced from this kind of the job.


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