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The emergence of pneumatic nail guns has changed the way most builders work. They are often found on sites and used as commonly as circular saws or cordless drills. They are very useful tools that make use of compressed air which is why they are called ‘pneumatic’ nail guns. They are capable of driving nails into hardwood and many other types of materials. These pneumatic nail guns are used on a wide range of different applications including roofing, sheathing, flooring, framing, and many more.

These types of nailers can be very helpful to a homeowner, handyman or remodeler. These nailers are not designed for one particular job though there are specialist types for some uses like roofing. So if you are working with different types of nails or fasteners, or you have to work in a tight space where it is impractical to use a hammer, then they will be your savior. Pneumatic nail guns have several different types but the majority are of two kinds: cordless nailers and palm nailers.

Palm Nailers

Palm nailers offer the benefits of working with different sizes of nails as well as being comfortable to use, safe, and easy to control. With a set of features like that palm nailers are difficult to beat. They are also lightweight and very compact, and as the name suggests, fit comfortably in the palm of your hand. One of their features is magnetic tips which secure nails in place. As you are likely to be using lots of nails, you won’t need to worry about selecting the right type of tool. Additionally there is protection against accidental firing of nails which is commonly associated with some nail guns.

Palm nailers are quite safe with a minimal chance of an accident. This is due to them using the slight forward pressure with the use of a trigger. Depth control is also straightforward and you only need to press the stop button for the machine to stop working. This type of nail gun is useful when precision control is needed or where misdirected hammer blows are not allowed. They are useful for decking, nailing hangers, and fencing.

Cordless nailers

Cordless nailers are designed to give convenience together with speed without needing compressors and hoses. They are useful for random framing, quick jobs, and working in small spaces. They make use of the internal motor to generate the compressed air required to provide the explosion for driving the nails. The most popular types can carry around 100 nails and have power saving features. You are able to use them for a long time before recharging or changing the battery. They are perfect machines for covering large areas that need nailing. This type of nailer is designed to protect the work piece since most do not have the mar tip.


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