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Speed Pneumatic Nail Gun v Framing Hammer

Framing hammers are often used by home builders during construction jobs. It is most common now though to choose a pneumatic nail gun instead a framing tool as it has become the standard tool for framing. A pneumatic nail gun is a much better machine for the following reasons:


A worker can drive a lot of nails in less than a minute using a framing hammer. However, they will be unable to keep up this rate of nailing compared to someone using a pneumatic nail gun. As an example after lining up the wood in a square, the pneumatic nail gun can put three nails in to secure this joint but the hammer will only manage one nail.

No nails to carry

The pneumatic gun carries the nails inside it meaning you don’t have to carry them separately. These pneumatic machines have a carrying capacity stated in the specification and it can typically vary fromĀ  200 to 600 nails depending on the nail type and size. If you use framing hammers you will need to carry a separate bag. This may not be a huge disadvantage but it will lighten your job.

No hurt fingers

As you won’t need to hold the nails with his or her fingers before driving them, there is a lower risk of accidentally hurting yourself when using the pneumatic gun. With a framing hammer you will be constantly trying to avoid hitting your fingers. So these pneumatic machines can eliminate completely the risk of getting injured by hitting your fingers. It is important though to note that nail guns drive into the wood or other material very fast. So you do need to take into account correct safety precautions when using the machine. With correct usage they will be safer than a framing hammer.


Another important point is that a pneumatic nail gun drives the nails into the materials with an equal amount of force every time. So providing the angle is correct and the wood or other material is held properly to the tip of the machine then the use of this machine is far better and will produce much more consistent results. If you use a hammer, you will have to make two or three hits to drive the nails in.


As long as the tip is well positioned then a pneumatic nail gun is really accurate. You will complete your job more effectively and more quickly. It will also save you a lot of time, which a framing hammer cannot.

In general the accuracy, power, safety and speed of a framing hammer cannot match a pneumatic nail gun.


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