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If you have never used one before then you will have some difficulty when trying to decide on the right pneumatic nail gun that suits the job you need it for.

There are many models on the market that appear to be similar apart from size and color so how to pick the right one?

To help you we have listed some important points to consider before purchasing.


What jobs will you be using the pneumatic nailer for. These tools can be used for many different jobs with different versions such as:

  • Framing¬† (heavy duty for uses including for fencing, deck building, sub-flooring and framing)
  • Finish¬† (for such as baseboards, cabinets, wood furniture, hardwood flooring etc)
  • Roofing (light and easy to use and a larger nail storage capacity)
  • Flooring (shaped to stand on the floor and fire nails at the correct angle)
  • Trim (A Brad Nailer uses smaller nails suitable for smaller trim and fine woodworking jobs)
  • Concrete (More powerful for industrial use)

So you will have to think through your project and decide what equipment you will need. For wood the thickness and whether the gun will be able to hammer the nails. The type of gun will be clear once you have worked out exactly what jobs you need to complete and then the model will be chosen to suit the type and size of nails.

Weight and comfort

Whether a pneumatic nail gun is portable is very important,. Some jobs such as roofing mean specially designed lighter machines are available but portability is important for most jobs. You need to be able to pick the machine up easily, particularly if you are using it on site frequently. The comfort of holding the pneumatic nail gun can be more important even than the weight. How long can you use the pneumatic nail gun without getting tired? You will be using the trigger a lot during use so make sure it feels comfortable holding and squeezing this.


Safety is a hugely important issue when selecting a pneumatic nail gun. If not used correctly a pneumatic nail gun can cause serious injury to it’s user. It is essential then that you are aware how to use it correctly. You need to check the user manual for safety instructions even before purchase to see what safety features are built in. Some pneumatic nail guns are able to shoot nails when you are not expecting it. You don’t want to end up with nails in you or a colleague so you need to check the safety features and particularly the control features stopping the machine shooting nails when not being used.

Size and angle

There are different sized pneumatic nailers available as well as specially designed versions with different nail angles for such as floors. So you will need to select a model that fits where you need to do the work.

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