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pneumatic nail gun

If you have never used one before then you will have some difficulty when trying to decide on the right pneumatic nail gun that suits the job you need it for.

There are many models on the market that appear to be similar apart from size and color so how to pick the right one?

To help you we have listed some important points to consider before purchasing.


What jobs will you be using the pneumatic nailer for. These tools can be used for many different jobs with different versions such as:

  • Framing  (heavy duty for uses including for fencing, deck building, sub-flooring and framing)
  • Finish  (for such as baseboards, cabinets, wood furniture, hardwood flooring etc)
  • Roofing (light and easy to use and a larger nail storage capacity)
  • Flooring (shaped to stand on the floor and fire nails at the correct angle)
  • Trim (A Brad Nailer uses smaller nails suitable for smaller trim and fine woodworking jobs)
  • Concrete (More powerful for industrial use)

So you will have to think through your project and decide what equipment you will need. For wood the thickness and whether the gun will be able to hammer the nails. The type of gun will be clear once you have worked out exactly what jobs you need to complete and then the model will be chosen to suit the type and size of nails. Read the rest of this entry

pneumatic nail guns benefits

Pneumatic Nail Guns Benefits

Pneumatic nail guns have proven to be very popular with contractors as well as homeowners. They have developed a good reputation for saving time and effort on many jobs. They are classed as a workhorse on a site through being able to be used reliably for long periods. We have examined some of the benefits of pneumatic nail guns below:

Rapid set-up

Unlike non pneumatic types of nail guns that can take some time to get set up and running, these pneumatic types are manufactured for people who need to get working quickly but still need quality work. One of the benefits of these pneumatic nail guns is that getting set up is much quicker. It allows contractors to get working more quickly and reduce the setting up period. The benefits pneumatic nail guns bring you give you more time and a higher quality of work.

Less costly

The majority of pneumatic nail guns don’t need hoses and compressors. The benefits of this are reduced cost compared to the ones needing separate compressors. So with most you don’t need to invest in further equipment other than the machine itself and the nails.

Space saving

Pneumatic nail guns are usually quite small and compact. This is important to save storage space and helps reduce the weight you’re carrying and holding in use bringing benefits of more portability.

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pneumatic nail guns

The emergence of pneumatic nail guns has changed the way most builders work. They are often found on sites and used as commonly as circular saws or cordless drills. They are very useful tools that make use of compressed air which is why they are called ‘pneumatic’ nail guns. They are capable of driving nails into hardwood and many other types of materials. These pneumatic nail guns are used on a wide range of different applications including roofing, sheathing, flooring, framing, and many more.

These types of nailers can be very helpful to a homeowner, handyman or remodeler. These nailers are not designed for one particular job though there are specialist types for some uses like roofing. So if you are working with different types of nails or fasteners, or you have to work in a tight space where it is impractical to use a hammer, then they will be your savior. Pneumatic nail guns have several different types but the majority are of two kinds: cordless nailers and palm nailers.

Palm Nailers

Palm nailers offer the benefits of working with different sizes of nails as well as being comfortable to use, safe, and easy to control. With a set of features like that palm nailers are difficult to beat. They are also lightweight and very compact, and as the name suggests, fit comfortably in the palm of your hand. One of their features is magnetic tips which secure nails in place. As you are likely to be using lots of nails, you won’t need to worry about selecting the right type of tool. Additionally there is protection against accidental firing of nails which is commonly associated with some nail guns.

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choose a pneumatic nail gun

Speed Pneumatic Nail Gun v Framing Hammer

Framing hammers are often used by home builders during construction jobs. It is most common now though to choose a pneumatic nail gun instead a framing tool as it has become the standard tool for framing. A pneumatic nail gun is a much better machine for the following reasons:


A worker can drive a lot of nails in less than a minute using a framing hammer. However, they will be unable to keep up this rate of nailing compared to someone using a pneumatic nail gun. As an example after lining up the wood in a square, the pneumatic nail gun can put three nails in to secure this joint but the hammer will only manage one nail.

No nails to carry

The pneumatic gun carries the nails inside it meaning you don’t have to carry them separately. These pneumatic machines have a carrying capacity stated in the specification and it can typically vary from  200 to 600 nails depending on the nail type and size. If you use framing hammers you will need to carry a separate bag. This may not be a huge disadvantage but it will lighten your job.

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pneumatic nail guns

Like any other tools, pneumatic nail guns need maintenance in order to improve their life. There are various early warning signs that your nail gun is depreciating and if care is not taken it will become scrap metal. Some of the signs include: trigger jamming, firing only air, air leaking, and double or triple firing.

It is important to note that most pneumatic nail guns require regularly oiling in order to function properly. This is a machine and therefore it requires some drops of oil after or before. However, if not done well it can result to excessive oil leaking onto the work surface, your hands or work piece. This can leave stains on the work piece and grubby oil fingers.

Oiling of the pneumatic nail guns depends on the frequency of its use. if you do not use it regularly, it is advisable to apply it on each strip. This means once after a few sessions of use. In this case you will need to apply the oil after the nail strip has run out and before you insert the next one. In addition this will depend on the number of nails used per strip. Therefore this will vary from one machine to another.

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